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"Dump the jute, man, on the burning ground." Van Morrison serves that to us in a song called "The Burning Ground." I'm rarely sure what he's singing but you can count on whatever it is to be unique. I dig that. All hip cats dig that. "The Burning Ground" is arguably one of Van Morrison's most intense forays into personal and spiritual allegory. More importantly, it's just a dang good tune. Within it, though, is a message that makes me think of the plight of so many unknowing salespeople: the challenge of head trash. Head trash is a messy thing to be sure. Sales head trash, however, costs you money. Flat out, throw-it-away money. Drench it and turn on the disposal. Drive to the bridge and open the window. Go to the range and yell, "Pull!" Sales head trash is the stuff that tricks you into believing that "think-it-over" is an exciting, good thing--full of hope. Sales head trash is that little message rooted deeply by mom and dad that says, "It's not polite to talk about money" or "He's a busy executive, don't waste his time." It's starting every day with a well-pounded mantra that echoes, "You're not that good, you never win the big one." It's looking in the mirror and seeing a seven instead of a ten. Doesn't that hurt, man? Day after day, man? Head trash like this can be eliminated. That's the job of any good trainer--to take out the trash. Head trash is jute, man. Dump the jute..on the burning ground
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